The Honorable George J. Hochbrueckner,  former Member of Congress from New York, serving on the Committees on Armed Services, Science, Space and Technology, and Merchant Marine and Fisheries.  He provides broad government relations representation, with a focus on technology and national defense.  He serves as Principal at George J. Hochbrueckner & Associates.

John R. Brimsek, Esq., formerly legislative assistant to United States Senator Wendell Anderson and Congressman Martin Olav Sabo, of Minnesota.  With 25 years in private law practice, he provides federal government affairs representation, specializing in transportation, including rail.  He is Principal at the Law Office of John R. Brimsek, PC.

David A. Bieging, Esq., formerly White House Special Assistant to Vice President Walter Mondale, Legislative Assistant to Senator Mondale, and Chief of Staff to Congressman Martin Olav Sabo, of Minnesota.   Mr. Bieging provides strategic, legal and political advice on federal government relations, with a particular focus on food and agriculture. He serves as Principal at David A. Bieging Law Office PLLC.

David Matsuda, formerly Maritime Administrator (Obama administration); Acting Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy, U.S. Department of Transportation; Attorney, Federal Railroad Administration; Professional Staff Member, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation; and Senior Counsel and Transportation Advisor, Senator Frank R. Lautenberg of New Jersey.  He also serves as Principal at Matsuda & Associates.

David Matsuda

“Tom Downs served me and my constituents well as my senior legislative assistant and chief of staff – the longest-serving member of my Washington, D.C. staff.  During my eight years in the Congress, we achieved numerous victories for local communities on Long Island, New York and for the nation.  I am pleased to be in a position to collaborate with Tom in a consulting role to advance clients’ goals and objectives and to promote the greater good.”

Michael Hettinger, formerly Staff Director, U.S. House Committee on Government Reform, Subcommittee on Government Management, Finance and Accountability (Congressman Tom Davis of Virginia, Chairman); Chief of Staff and Legislative Director, Congressman Tom Davis.  He is Principal at Hettinger Strategy Group.

These professionals are affiliating with Downs Government Affairs to provide clients a wide range of public policy solutions.

George Haddow

David Bieging

“My professional background – in public policy matters involving maritime, rail, and other modes of transportation and transit – complements Tom’s government affairs practice.  I look forward to collaboration on government relations matters of importance to local jurisdictions, institutions of higher education, and other client projects.” 

Tammy K. Boyd, Esq., formerly Legislative Director to Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, and Legislative Assistant to Congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi.  In the private sector, her clients have included health care organizations, public entities, and major league athletes, and she serves as a member of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Corporate Advisory Council.  Ms. Boyd is also Managing Partner at TKB Global Strategies, LLC.

George Haddow, formerly Deputy Chief of Staff and White House Liaison, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  He also served as Senior Policy Advisor to Senator Don Riegle of Michigan, and as Executive Assistant to Senator Brock Adams of Washington State.  Mr. Haddow manages disaster logistics programs, supports FEMA’s National Disaster Recovery Framework, and directed the development of Crisis and Risk Communications and Hazard Risk Management courses for FEMA’s Higher Education Program. He is Founder and Principal at Bullock & Haddow, LLC.

John Brimsek

Affiliated Professionals

Tammy Boyd

“One of the greatest accomplishments of my career was the enactment of legislation authorizing creation of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).  Tom Downs and I collaborated on that successful project, overcoming political opposition on Capitol Hill and from the Executive Branch.  More recently, we represented the Smithsonian to promote private funding and support for the NMAAHC project, and we collaborated on the John Lewis Documentary project.”

“Tom Downs and I previously worked together as federal affairs advocates in the Washington office of a national law firm.  We also both previously served as Congressional chiefs of staff.  Tom and I work well together, and we both understand how to navigate opportunities and challenges in Washington.  I am pleased to collaborate with Tom on federal legislative matters to advance clients’ interests.”

“Tom Downs and I served together as legislative assistants for an influential member of the House Appropriations Committee.  I am pleased to be in a position to combine my expertise and decades of experience in the transportation policy arena with Tom’s efforts to broadly serve client interests in Washington, D.C.”

“I was Tom Downs’ boss on Capitol Hill.  When I was serving as Congressional chief of staff and Tom served as legislative aide, our team worked closely with the Speaker of the House and the leadership in Congress to accomplish outstanding results for the Congressional district and the nation.  In the private sector, I am pleased to be in a position to collaborate with Tom on federal government affairs.”

Mike Hettinger

“I am honored to be in a position to serve as an advocate for local communities to advance strategic programs and policies addressing disaster prevention, resilience, and climate adaptation.  Tom Downs and I worked together to quickly and successfully resolve what had previously been a protracted series of unsuccessful disaster reimbursement claims brought by a local government – reversing three prior denials of assistance by FEMA.  Tom and I also worked together to secure discretionary federal funding to enable a regional council of governments to advance disaster prevention goals.  I look forward to continued successes in making communities better prepared for myriad challenges related to storms and other natural hazards.” 

Congressman George Hochbrueckner